NFL Teasers – A Great Betting Option

By Tony George

I am not a huge fan of exotic wagers, I am a straight bet, flat bet type of guy.  Low Volume, High returns, a non-hyped and boring approach that no doubt costs me sales on my selections every year, but that is how I roll.  In my 23 years as a professional sports handicapper and sports broadcaster, I have always taken a conservative approach to sports betting and also been a realist on managed expectations on just how difficult it is to beat the Las Vegas Line and make money on sports betting.

nfl-teasersOne thing I have learned and it should be known to all that do sports betting is that you are betting into numbers and not games.  The line is everything gents and the fall numbers are everything, especially in the NFL.   I know one thing, less is more in sports betting.  I do like the added pleasure in the NFL of being able to manipulate the numbers (Las Vegas Line) without having to bet $10 K to move it from +3 to +3.5.  Fall numbers in the NFL are crucial either to bet into or to bet away from.

The main Fall numbers are 3-6-7-10 for instance, a number the final score is likely to land on as the difference between 2 teams.  If you can get through 2 of those numbers and possibly 3 of those numbers them the VALUE of the number is greatly in your favor, especially on Underdogs which in 2015 in the NFL have cashed at 57%, which is an unusually high number and in Week 10 in the NFL 12 out of the 14 games had underdogs covering and 10 of those were on the road.

Getting a team on a straight up line at +4.5, say Kansas City for an example, and then doing a 2 Team 6 Point Teaser on them as part of a half of a Tease, gets you to KC +10.5.  That is through 3 key numbers of 6-7-10, which is what I call a value Teaser.  The catch is you need another team to Tease or a Total in conjunction with KC and both have to cover the number provided by the Teaser in order to cash a ticket.  I only do 2 Team teasers because at most shops you can get 11 to 10 odds to bet them at.  There are 3 Team 10 point teasers and ect but you have to bring in a third game which is a whole new variable, and I like to Tease only 2 teams and more times than not they are underdogs with value, tight on the power rating overlay, which with an added 6 points gives me value in the line and the number and a high chance of winning.  They especially proved fruitful in the NFL Preseason, taking all dogs and cashing out 3-0 this year.

You need to consider these each week as part of your wagering plan.  I have went 15-6 ATS this season in the NFL (as of Dec 1) using them and they are always a full unit selection on my Sunday Cards along with my Sides and Totals Plays.  Most books in Las Vegas and online limit the amount you can wager on Teasers, and for good reasons, because many sharp players can take down some big bets with them, especially in the post season.  Another way I use them is same game teasers.  MondayNight Football is a perfect example.  The line is usually is sharp, but if I can get 6 points on both the side and total, and stay away from a sharp line and do a Tease, I can assure if you have any p[prowess in handicapping the NFL, these can be a great tool to reach profits on MNF as well.

Teasers are a great way to enhance your bankroll and gain value in the line, I suggest using them as part of your NFL strategy.

Tony George is a professional handicapper and also a National Radio Show Host on Yahoo Sports Radio. 

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