Expert NBA Handicappers

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Top  NBA Handicappers

Top NBA Handicappers

This site will provide you with the best NBA handicappers you have ever connected with. Experts in the identification of game changing advice to elevate your chances of winning the pot. Insider advice from our crew will give you the details of why a player’s hook shot is off and how he will impact the score. In the sports world the slightest offset can dramatically impact a player’s performance and constant attention is needed to identify a player’s strong and weak attributes to decide which team is going to take home the gold.
Without proper examination of player behavior, betting in the sports world is no different from drawing numbers from a lottery ticket. Without guidance from the very BEST NBA handicappers, your money is not in a secure investment. An added assistance from an expert handicapper NBA betting ventures are risky and not worth your time and hard earned money. With the assistance from one of our handicapping experts, your investment will have a much higher chance of making you a return on your energy and resources.

Hardly any random allocation of bets are placed in an algorithm that will make you money. Without the proper guidance from experts regarding sports handicapping money can and will be thrown around randomly at offers that provide no basis of ever generating enough weight to turn a net profit. Investing in an expert on NBA player behavior an execution of skill should be a key component to any new betting strategy. If you are unsure whether or not the best NBA handicappers in the industry can achieve you maximum profit, we have provided the proof needed to show you the successes these individuals on the subject of outcome prediction.

NBA players typically succeed in demonstrating great skill and prowess on the court. This does not mean however that they are perfectly attune to their skills one hundred percent of the time. A minor slip in their game can lead to the uncovering of a tragic flaw that ultimately hinders their ability to be a completely solid player. This is a useful tactic in predicting outcomes in games on later dates, and can also be used to compare player – player matchups in games later in the season.

On our site is a display of the best handicapping specialist’s metrics which include their overall % for their returns and their ratio to whether or not they made the right call. The metrics of these handicappers show the value invested within them and prove that your money will go to the right cause. In the end game, you will come out on top thanks to our professional advice and guidance in the world of sports betting. Act now to take advantage of our selection of experts while they have slots available!

Service Units ROI Pct WL
Chip Chirimbes $770 +44.7% 78.6% 11-3
Bobby Wing $571 +35.1% 71.4% 10-4
Mike Lundin $561 +36.6% 71.4% 10-4
Jeff Alexander $527 +18.7% 62.5% 15-9
Pro Computer Gambler $496 +66.4% 85.7% 6-1
Tim Michael $398 +52.2% 83.3% 5-1
R&R Totals $390 +51.2% 83.3% 5-1
Michael Alexander $383 +29.6% 70.0% 7-3
Brad Diamond $378 +38.6% 75.0% 6-2
Calvin King $357 +18.2% 62.5% 10-6
Service Units ROI Pct WL
Pro Computer Gambler $1,236 +42.1% 74.1% 20-7
Brody Vaughn $959 +21.3% 64.1% 25-14
Mike Williams $930 +14.9% 59.6% 34-23
Dave Price $866 +19.1% 61.9% 26-16
Mikey Sports $790 +20.6% 63.6% 21-12
Scott Rickenbach $770 +15.6% 60.0% 27-18
Rob Vinciletti $756 +15.4% 60.0% 27-18
Mr. East $689 +11.5% 58.5% 31-22
Chip Chirimbes $653 +8.6% 56.7% 38-29
Art Aronson $635 +21.0% 64.0% 16-9

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Service Units Wins Losses %Pct %Since
Kyle Hunter+19286.07055637152.5%2010-01-13
Bobby Conn+19250.02273201853.0%2017-09-16
Jack Jones+19198.04802426952.9%2012-01-03
Sal Michaels+18738.02070178653.7%2017-09-12
Teddy Davis+17469.02546218553.8%2015-11-23
John Martin+17418.04305396052.1%2016-01-12
Jeff Alexander+17138.04393398252.5%2013-11-30
Jeff Hochman+16256.0111786256.4%2012-10-27
Bobby Wing+15558.02090187652.7%2018-02-23
Steve Merril+12892.03650316353.6%2011-08-15
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