Top NFL Handicappers

Looking for the Top NFL handicappers to guide you in your predictions? You have come to the right place. When it comes to identifying the weaknesses of professional American football athletes, the slightest indication of an Achilles’ heel can sway whether or not their performance hinders the outcome of the endgame. The handicapper business requires expertise in the art of analyzation of player behavior on the field which is key in predicting the outcome of an event and potentially several others after. Individuals who wish to participate in sports betting require another perspective to give them an edge over the odds. With the additional insight from a professional your chances on making a return increase due to the added expertise.

Why Choose Top NFL Handicappers @ Safehandicappers?

Top NFL Handicappers

Top NFL Handicappers

On our site you are served with the best handicapper’s you can find. We provide you their win loss ratios, ROI overall percentage, and net profit. Our site brings you authentic NFL handicapper material that blasts through the ranges of average followers who won’t give you the edge your looking for. Continuing to waste time and money on unsuccessful handicappers is unnecessary and stops today when you sign on with one of our site’s team of experts specializing in the field of NFL handicapping.

In the modern world of sports, the game is constantly changing with new dynamics to how players react to certain situations. In an environment so susceptible to stimuli, constant attention to player performance is key to unlocking the secrets to how they will falter in their execution of plays. Aspects ranging from player history on and off the field is just one aspect of how potential outcomes of the next game will occur. An expert on the subject of NFL Standings handicap identification can justify their claims for a flaw in the way a player conducts their pursuit* of the game. Critical analyzation skills combined with experience assembles the decision making process of the best NFL handicappers.

You might be skeptical on whether or not you need the assistance of Top NFL handicappers to provide you with a solid basis on a pick. If so fear not, because you are in good hands. An expert analysis of professional athletes sets you apart from the rest of betting individuals to mark your spot in the winning side of the table. As players need coaches. betters require another perspective of the situation to maximize their chances of making a return on their investment.

Sustainable results prove that skill is developed and applied when making decisions regarding the outcomes of multiple games and events. This is the most important aspect of the BEST NFL Handicappers around because showing a consistent stream of accurate results proves the skill in predicting outcomes that will make you money.

Your satisfaction is the top priority of our website’s goals and you will find that our site will provide you with the cream of the crop. So what are you waiting for? Check out the excellent selection of the very best NFL Handicappers on our site and supply yourself with the ultimate asset to your betting experience!

Service Profit ROI Pct WL
Frank Sawyer $400 +93.0% 100.0% 4-0
Marc David $300 +93.2% 100.0% 3-0
Dennis Macklin $300 +92.3% 100.0% 3-0
Jim Feist $203 +96.7% 100.0% 2-0
Jesse Schule $203 +96.7% 100.0% 2-0
Joseph D’Amico $200 +93.9% 100.0% 2-0
Steve Merril $200 +94.8% 100.0% 2-0
Jack Jones $200 +89.3% 100.0% 2-0
Dave Price $200 +94.8% 100.0% 2-0
Teddy Davis $100 +87.0% 100.0% 1-0
Service Units ROI Pct WL
Jeff Alexander $921 +32.4% 69.2% 18-8
John Martin $758 +38.5% 72.2% 13-5
Jack Jones $670 +46.8% 76.9% 10-3
Dennis Macklin $660 +40.4% 76.9% 10-3
Steve Merril $480 +34.5% 69.2% 9-4
Dave Price $479 +48.4% 77.8% 7-2
Brandon Lee $460 +38.0% 72.7% 8-3
Matt Josephs $382 +29.2% 66.7% 8-4
Jim Feist $318 +18.0% 62.5% 10-6
R&R Totals $300 +92.6% 100.0% 3-0
Service Units ROI Pct WL
Rick Doane $1,090 +19.2% 63.8% 30-17
Dennis Macklin $880 +14.7% 60.8% 31-20
John Martin $773 +11.8% 58.6% 34-24
Kyle Hunter $639 +31.1% 68.4% 13-6
Jack Jones $610 +12.0% 58.7% 27-19
Jimmy Boyd $590 +12.7% 59.5% 25-17
Hunter Price $570 +43.2% 75.0% 9-3
Will Rogers $557 +14.7% 60.6% 20-13
Bryan Leonard $491 +51.4% 77.8% 7-2
R&R Totals $468 +47.5% 77.8% 7-2

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Jack Jones+20324.04705416953.0%2012-01-03
Kyle Hunter+19375.06995631552.5%2010-01-13
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Sal Michaels+18391.01907163753.8%2017-09-12
Teddy Davis+17935.02435207754.0%2015-11-23
Bobby Conn+17926.02106187053.0%2017-09-16
Jeff Hochman+15345.0109885356.3%2012-10-27
Jeff Alexander+15344.04170379352.4%2013-11-30
Bobby Wing+13883.01920173552.5%2018-02-23
Steve Merril+12343.03601312253.6%2011-08-15
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