Breaking News: Seattle is Relevant Again

By Tony George

I was one of the doubters out there this week in the NFL in the Vikings and Seahawks game.  I had no premium play in the game but I did use Minnesota in a 2 Team teaser on my premium card, thinking this was a statement game for them on a strong ATS run as a team and a game that would define them moving forward late in the season as a playoff contender.  Wow is all I can say, betchca didn’t see that coming.  All Seattle did was hold Minnesota, on the road mind you to 125 offensive yards and make the Vikings look like clowns in their own stadium, as Minny never got off the bus for this one.  The Vikings have the best running back in the NFL and used him for 8 carriers and were clearly outcoached in the game as Seattle dominated them in every aspect, and folks Minnesota is not a bad team.

Seattle is without two offensive stars, Graham and Lynch and really seem on paper to be somewhat limited at skill positions.  But with Graham out, this does open up the passing options for Russell Wilson and he is distributing the ball down the field, and this also opens up a deeper threat down the field which opens up the middle of the field for Wilson to take off running, and he is displaying his prowess and earning his big money contract in the process.  Looking ahead Seattle sitting at 7-5 right now, trailing the Cardinals by 3 games, probably is not going to win the division but there is real possibility that will go 4-0 to win out the rest of the way.  They have Baltimore on the road, Cleveland and St. Louis at home and then a season finale against Arizona in Phoenix.  That’s right the Seahawks after the rough start could end up 11-5 folks and right back in the Super Bowl discussion again!

Looking at their numbers will tell you why.  They lead the NFL in rushing the ball, and ranked 2nd in Total yards allowed on defense and 3rd against the rush, 4th against the pass, and 3rd against points allowed.  Now that is a recipe for success and no doubt about it, one of the best QB’s in the NFL making plays, taking care of the ball and truly is a dual threat every time he touches the ball, and that makes you a contender at every turn.  I also would like to mention Seattle at home is the strongest home field advantage on my power ratings at a full 3 points, New England is 2.5 points, but I doubt they would need the added incentive of playing at home as a key factor as they will whitewash the place against Cleveland and St. Louis, and remember they are avenging an opening day loss to the Rams.

All in all, Seattle and Arizona, along with Carolina are the best teams right now in the NFC, and I would not be at all surprised to see Seattle win out 4-0 avenging both a loss to St Louis as mentioned and to Arizona, so the proper motivation will be there in the biggest 2 games remaining.  Seattle is laying 6 points to open up the road to Baltimore this week and although the Ravens have not lost a game by more than 8 points this season, with every gaming counting for the Seahawks in a quest for the playoffs, you can rest assured they just might lose their first double digit game this Sunday as the Ravens stink.  The Seahawks currently site at 9 to 1 to win the Super Bowl, so they are duly respected by oddsmakers.

Tony George is 62% ATS in the NFL this season and will have plenty of selections in the upcoming Sunday NFL Card.