The Best Betting Strategy For Football

Many football betters must have wondered always what could be the most successful betting strategy. The best betting strategy suggests you from going for the security of your bet instead of going for your favourite team. The principle is simple; the lower the risk, the more the money’. However, to reduce the risk, investment will be more and some risks will still remain.

The whole mathematics of this bidding depends on certain factors. Take an example where the first factor is 1.2 and the second is 6.48. this means on betting $100 in the first case will give a return of $120 but putting a bet of $100 on the second case will give $648. This, however, is riskier and in a long run will not give a handy return. Let us see the 3 golden rules of successful betting. The rule number one suggests betting on the team which is less the coefficient and never goes beyond 1.55. in fact the lower the number is the less is the risk. The second rule tells to place the bid on the one whose command ratio is 2 times greater coefficient of the opposing team. The third rule is simple. If the factors are not in accordance to the above two points, do not place a bet on that match.

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Let us see some examples. Take an English Premier League match between Manchester United and Fulham where Manchester’s coefficient is 1.22 while that of Fulham is 13.00. The coefficient for a drawn match is 5.75. In another Champions League Match between Spanish giant Real Madrid and Greek club APOEL, coefficient against a win for Real Madrid and APOEL is 1.25 and 11.50 respectively. In this case, the coefficient for a drawn match is 5.5. in both the cases we can see that the more powerful teams have lower coefficient and the weaker team has a much higher one. The first two rules comply with this situation and it is suggested to go for the better team. This will give less return but the chances of winning are high and repetitive bet on stronger teams eventually will give more return.

It is very important to place the bid on the best team instead of the favourite team. Do not get carried away by your emotions are be very selective while bidding. If your favourite team is placed in accordance with the rules above, however, you are lucky enough to place the bid on them. It is also very important to place bids on more popular games like the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga or the Champions League. There will be more match preview and analysis for these matches and you will be in a better place to choose which team to put the money on.

This formula might look funny since the margin of profit will always be very small for the stronger teams but statistics have proved that if you keep on betting for the stronger teams throughout the league you will earn much more than the one who kept on betting for the weaker sides.

Let’s explore a method of betting in this formula. On the first round of betting you bet on 5 matches. If you have put bets on the stronger team on each occasion you are most likely to win at least three of those. Mark your result in a (+) (-) manner. As an example, write +,+,_+,_,- when (+) marks your wins and the (-) marks the losses. For the second round, again choose five games. This time, place the same amount on the bet for the winning columns and increase your bet on the losing ones. In this way, you have to increase the betting amount for only two cases. It is found in statistics, that by playing in this manner, your chances of winning will keep on increasing.

The method is virtually risk free with a very high chance of winning great return. Keeping aside the unpredictability of football, betting in this method will surely give you a handy return at the end of the season. You might have to invest a little more, but the profit will surely be lucrative.

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