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Tired of running in circles trying to find the white hot handicapper tips that will blow your game wide open? Don’t worry. We know how you feel. Sucks doesn’t it? It looks like for once somebody knows the score only to find out that it’s some dude in his mom’s basement.

Making things up as he goes along.

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NBA Picks – Click Package to Purchase
Vernon Croy 2013-14 BASKETBALL CHAMPION! *MONDAY NIGHT NBA 3 P… $30.00
Johnny Banks **WORLD CHAMP** #3 IN NBA! ($81,000) 1500 DIME NBA… $30.00
Heath Mac 214-157 Run! (+4099) Mac’s NFL/NBA/CBB/NHL Lucky 7… $89.99
Heath Mac TOP PLAY ALERT! 14-6 NBA Run! Mac’s 3* NBA ATS BLI… $59.99
Mike Lundin Mike’s NBA ANNIHILATOR 5-1 L6 NBA $19.99
Heath Mac 14-6 NBA Run! Mac Attack’s 2 Pick NBA CASH COLLECT… $69.99
Jesse Schule Schule’s NBA Total Recall TERMINATOR – *EARLY STAR… $55.00
Scott Rickenbach Scott Rickenbach NBA 10* ATTACK DOG Top Play (71% … $40.00
NFL Picks – Click Package to Purchase
Vernon Croy 94-67 NFL RUN! Vernon Croy’s *NFL MONDAY NIGHT FOO… $30.00
Ben Burns Game Of The Week (NFL) ~ Burns’ 10* GAME OF THE … $60.00
Steve Merril 10* Monday Night TV Cash – Ravens/Saints (ESPN) $40.00
Heath Mac 21-10 NFL Run! Mac Attack’s 3* NFL ATS No Doubt RO… $49.99
Art Aronson AAA’s 10* EARLY THANKSGIVING SUPER TOTAL (Bears/… $50.00
Johnny Banks **WORLD CHAMP** 17-6 NFL RUN! 1000 DIME NFL MILLIO… $40.00
Jim Feist Jim Feist’s NFL Inner Circle Insider – Monday! $75.00
Sean Higgs Sean’s Monday Night MONEY-BOMB $ $40.00

In all sports today, fans try to outdo each other on who is the best player and why. They create their own ratings on which they bet the winner. This method of awarding advantage to some players over others is called handicapping. It has its origin in the 17th century, when players placed their bets in a cap to win a lottery. Handicapping is used in betting even today.

In the modern world, the internet has seen mushrooming of sports handicapping services. Some are fraudulent handicappers out to make money. Therefore, there is need to research and be sure that the service provider you are on, is genuine. Testing the handicapper is paramount. There are things to look in handicapper; the wealth of experience, timing, trend records, information available and criteria of rating used by the handicapper.

Sports handicapping services are available for all sports no matter the game you fancy. There are those specialized in specific sports while others deals in several sports. Most of the popular sports are football NFL, basketball NBA, baseball MLB, college football, college basketball and NHL hockey. These are the most popular games in the USA.

There are sports handicapping services in the internet that also do betting on behalf of their clients. They charge registration fees for the services rendered. Membership registration is for a specified period, for instance six months or one year. The handicapper gives a percentage guarantee on their services; some are determined by the membership period while others do not. There are others who offer free advisory services and charge for the betting. To attract customers, other advice you pay only after you win.

As competition increases in the sports handicapping services, there are new agents who specialize in helping clients identify the real handicappers and fraudulent ones. They also advise on the best handicappers by monitoring the handicappers’ trends and history and rate them too. They are called handicapping reviewers. The handicapping reviewers issue regular advice to their clients on best sports handicapping services in the market. Most offer the service for free and through emails. The updates are mailed every few days. Handicapping review acts as the bureau in the handicapping industry with the aim of eradicating fraudulent handicapping.

If you love betting on sports, then sports handicapping services will give you the best deals. Use the handicapping review for free and avoid loosing all your investment to fraudulent handicappers, instead reap most attractive handicapping benefits.


Yesterday’s Best
Service Units
Mike Lundin +404.0
Ben Burns +400.0
Jim Feist +392.0
Jeff Alexander +380.0
Michael Alexan… +355.0
This Week’s Best
Service Units
Miguel DaSilva +2262.0
Mike Lundin +1140.0
Bill O’Brien +1134.0
Rob Vinciletti +1070.0
Mr. East +866.0
Best This Month
Service Units
Rob Vinciletti +3888.0
Dennis Macklin… +2852.0
Miguel DaSilva +2301.0
Kyle Hunter +2129.0
Bill Biles +1836.0
Overall Leaders
Service Units
Trev Rogers +8078.0
Ben Burns +6079.0
Jack Jones +5992.0
Chase Diamond +5238.0
Brad Diamond +4687.0
NBA Leaders
Service Units
Bill O’Brien +1334.0
Miguel DaSilva +926.0
Rocky’s Lock C… +693.0
Jamie Tursini +666.0
Ari Atari +633.0
College Basketball Leaders
Service Units
Dennis Macklin… +822.0
Doc’s Sports +757.0
Mr. East +748.0
Miguel DaSilva +705.0
Brad Diamond +621.0
NFL Leaders
Service Units
Rob Vinciletti +1932.0
Miguel DaSilva +1456.0
Scott Rickenba… +1443.0
Jeff Hochman +1382.0
Heath Mac +1374.0
College Football Leaders
Service Units
Brad Diamond +2676.0
Rob Vinciletti +2369.0
Brandon Shivel… +2142.0
Jack Jones +1792.0
TJ Pemberton +1726.0
MLB Leaders
Service Units
Miguel DaSilva +5241.0
Trev Rogers +4260.0
Chase Diamond +4241.0
Doc’s Sports +3546.0
Tony Bucca +3229.0
Pre-Season NFL Leaders
Service Units
Marc Lyle +1259.0
Michael Alexan… +976.0
Lee Williams +956.0
Art Aronson +705.0
Tony George +560.0
NHL Leaders
Service Units
Will Rogers +1232.0
Heath Mac +1208.0
Lee Williams +1201.0
Sean Higgs +1115.0
Rocky Sheridan +1084.0
Best Last 60 Days
Service Units
Rob Vinciletti +4275.0
Heath Mac +2905.0
Miguel DaSilva +2619.0
Dennis Macklin… +2440.0
Patrick Webb +2155.0