Ross Benjamin

When listing the achievements of Mr. Ross Benjamin the list goes on and on as this man is responsible for some of the best picks in the handicapper industry. For over thirty years he has been making the best picks in the sports betting industry to get featured on many radio talk shows and events back before websites were the dominant handicapping source of information.

Ross Benjamin Services

One website however, to be exact, even listed him as the number one NHL handicapper in North America for the 2005 to 2006 NHL season. For over thirteen years he has been acclaimed to be one of the sharpest sports handicappers according to the public domain. This man’s long history on being a successful sports handicapper earned him great prominence in the baseball, football, basketball and hockey leagues alone along with many other accomplishments in other types of sports in the industry.

Starting since he was twenty three, the fifty eight year old handicapping genius definitely knows more than the average joe about what will happen in the future of a certain league in respect to player outcomes. He is an expert at identification of player flaws and will use your investment wisely in his picks for the following games. Having a borderline celebrity as your personal coach telling you where to place your funds sounds surreal but when you sign with Ross he brings that dream to life. When you’re considering a handicapper in the future this man should definitely be a serious consideration for your betting arsenal.

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