Chip Chirimbes

For more than 25 years Chip Chirimbes has been setting the standard for handicapping. His outstanding accuracy and in-depth analysis has made him one of the most well known handicapper in the industry. For the past 8 years he has hosted “A Play Sports Handicapping Show”. He has also made countless appearances on national news networks such as CNN for his expertise in sports. He uses his gambling intuitions, experience, and sports knowledge to make some of the most informed reliable plays.

Chirimbes’s records speak volumes for his handicapping Excellency. In 2000 he was the Las Vegas Hilton March Mania Champion. 2001 he was Stardust Invitational NCAA Basketball Best bet leader with 6-2 75%. Chirimbes is 73% of his Best Bets and 62% overall in the pros – making him one of the most established and reliable handicappers in the world. Although Chirimbes strengths are NCAA-F, NCAA-B, and the NFL, he is well established in all major sports.

He is nicknamed “Big Play Handicapper” because he has earned the title so if you want a handicapper that has insight and intuition on all of the major sporting events then Chirimbes is your guy.