The Top Five Tips on Picking a Sports Handicapper

If you’ve decided to try your hand at sports betting, one of the most important decisions you will make is to decide which handicapper or handicappers that you will sign up with to place your bets. It is a tough choice, and one you should take seriously. Below you will find the five factors that are important when deciding on whom to sign up with.

  • Find out how good their odds are- Not all handicappers offer the same odds. Some will give you more value than others. You need to go where the money is to maximize your profits.
  • Find out how you can place a bet- A good sports betting bookmaker will give you a variety of options to place your bet. You at least want to be able to place bets online and over the phone.
  • Find out what kind of sign on bonus they will give you- Competition amongst handicappers is fierce and many bookies will offer you some great sign on bonuses such as free bets. Take advantage of these free offers and you can get your sports betting off to a great start without actually being out of pocket.
  • Find out how good their customer service is- Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong. If something goes wrong whilst you are betting on sports, you want to know that your chosen bookie has good customer service so that you can sort out your problems quickly.
  • Find out how you can fund your account, and withdraw your winnings- Another important thing to consider when deciding who to invest your money with whilst sports betting is to find out how they will pay you your winnings. Also, how can you fund your account?

Sports betting can be a fun and exciting way to make extra cash. In order to ensure that your enjoyment is not marred, make sure you spend some time choosing your handicapper.