Joe Duffy

Every sport has a lot of data and analysis that goes on as the fans try and understand which player is the best and the reasons for the same. The communities of fans create their own ratings based on which they find the winner in a particular sport. This is the handicap method where advantage is awarded to certain players over others. Such a method dates back to the 17th century. At such a time the players would place their bets in a cap in order to win a lottery. Handicapping is a method that is in vogue in sports betting even today.

Choose a handicap service with care

The internet has brought on many handicapping services and helps spread the word of handicap experts. While there are genuine authorities in every sport, there are many fraudulent scamsters as well who are simply out there to make money. Thus, before you decide to bank upon a handicap service or advice, you need to ensure that the service provider or the expert is known in that particular field. So how will you verify the credentials of a handicapper? You need to find out their experience in a certain sport as well as their timing, trend and records, the criteria of ratings used and the information available on the handicapper.

A reputed handicapper

One such reliable figure is Joe Duffy. He is considered as a grandmaster in sports handicap. He has even authored many books where he has shared his tips on sports handicapping, revealed secrets, how to bet and debunked many myths about sports betting. If you wish to find his advice, you could download his ebooks. He has offered invaluable advice on many large teams. He has been a full time handicapper from the eighties. Joe Duffy has offered much advice that is akin to urban legends.