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All Sports Top Trends
Service Units Wins Losses %Pct %Since
Jack Jones+19351.04528401553.0%2012-01-03
Bobby Conn+18629.01848162353.2%2017-09-16
Kyle Hunter+18626.06861619952.5%2010-01-13
Sal Michaels+18182.01687143154.1%2017-09-12
Jeff Alexander+16464.03904353852.5%2013-11-30
John Martin+16176.03887358652.0%2016-01-12
Teddy Davis+15997.02275194753.9%2015-11-23
Jeff Hochman+15864.0107382556.5%2012-10-27
Bobby Wing+14224.01623146152.6%2018-02-23
Steve Merril+13990.03527303753.7%2011-08-15
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