Doug Upstone

Doug Upstone has been picking winners and breaking down games for nearly his entire adult life. He takes his time watching and analyzing games, whether the games are taped or in action. Doug jot notes on each game and has created an impressive library of information for over 30 years. As handicapper, Doug has ranking powers that he formulates for each sport actions.

How Good Doug Upstone Picks?

When it comes to gamblers education on the finer points of handicapping, he proves to be one of the best. Doug has partnered with two sharp handicappers at 3 Daily Winners- BB Documented Plays and the Wiseguy. He is one of the best in educating gamblers on the better points of handicapping. Doug writes articles everyday on his site 3 Daily Winners, which has a great deal of free information on how to win. The players are ranked from 1-5 five star, with the idea that “5” being very rare, hence making players assured of not over priced. Doug Upstone plays right for the fans to win and enjoy the ride.Twitter

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