Jimmy Boyd

Jimmy Boyd is one of the most consistent handicappers across all major sports in the sport betting industry since his start more than a decade ago. In 2007 his MLB World Handicapping earned dime players more than $50k while in 2008-2009 brought dime bettors $37,690. One thing bettors love about Boyd is as a previous University of Iowa Law student he has the tenacity and knowledge to go through the numbers and deliver a thorough write ups and explanations on his selections.

Why Choose Jimmy Boyd Picks?

Jimmy Boyd Handicapper

Jimmy Boyd Handicapper

Boyd uses situational and technical analysis to deliver thorough and reliable analsysis of all of the weeks match ups. He is a Locksmith handicapper and he excels at NHL, NBA, MLB, College Football, and College Basketball. He uses hard work, in-depth analysis, and traditional handicapping to make his predictions and it has leaded him to success. A few of his impressive accomplishments include: #1 2007 MLB, #1 2008-2009 Basketball, #2 2008-2009 CBB, #3 2008-09 NBA, #7 2009 All Sports, and much more.

Jimmy Boyd is on an 18-9 (67%) run, a 7-3 (70%) CFB run since Sep 14 steak, a NBA 662-570-18 (54% for +$5555) hot steak, and an amazing burning 18-6 (75%) CFB Sides run

Follow Jimmy Boyd on his No Doubt Rout for college football and don’t miss in his NBA selections.