Jesse Schule

Jesse Schule also known as The Iceman is one of most famous football handicappers in the world at the present. He is getting recognition worldwide since taking handicapping by storm in 2012. This legendary football personality has played behind the scenes for almost two decades yet slowly but surely builds a name for him in handicapping. Never again will the football game be the same again without this Afternoon Executioner which is his signature.

This man is a big game hunter and brought Alabama on top ranking. His early years as pro were everything he had imagined. While others had a hard time establishing themselves, this guy continued to pick up his speed making it to the remainder of the Season. Schule plays an approximate of 30 games each week and belongs to the best. His many achievements in handicapping is now world acclaimed. Given the 2012 indication, some predicts big things for the Big Game Hunter this 2013 who plays heavy in his previous games. Considering that he delivered three wins in their play with Washington who won the game.

Many of Jesse Schules game plays were based on a photographic memory or psychological analysis of the general public. His picks as well as his insights are always considered to deliver sure wins. Total Recall Terminator, Terminator, Afternoon Executioner, Primetime Punisher are some of this guy’s most popular signature plays with statistics telling you how many touchdowns he had scored. Jesse Schule loves saying that his favorite team is the one that has the last winning ticket. He has no favorite in particular but he normally based on the error of public perception. And as everybody loves a winner, bettors are lining up to get on this man’s Afternoon Executioner aired from Thursday through Sunday. Schule is surely one of the most respected handicappers in the industry.