Info Plays

Larry Cook created Info Plays. Cook began betting in the early 1980’s, and has learned a lot from his ups and downs throughout his career. By 1985 he was able to quit his day job and use his developed systems to make handicapping his career.

Info Plays Experience

Cook has seen thousands of sports bettors lose fortunes and this inspired him to spread his wisdom and experience throughout the world with Infoplays. Today Infoplays is the #3 ranked handicapper for 2013 making it one of the top places for handicapping.

Published Hot Steaks:

  • MLB Plays (+957) 16-7 L23 70%
  • MLB Overall Plays (+952) 17-8 L25 68%
  • All Sports Plays (+500) 5-0 L5 100%
  • All Sports Top Plays (+430) 15-10 L25 60%

Infoplays offers loads of free picks, capper leaderboards, informative articles, and the best picks from the sports betting industry. They specialize in NCAA Football, NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL.

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Cook is a true handicapping expert. If you want an edge on your sports betting, then trust Info Plays perfected system.