Bobby Conn

When looking for a sports handicapper you certainly need someone to give you an intelligent choice for money’s worth which is why choosing one of the intelligent handicappers around is a very wise decision.

Bobby Conn Profile

Mr. Bobby Conn is well known for being one of the sharpest minds in the handicapper industry and he is always giving out quality information on the next sports event you choose to play. He is proven to be a very successful decision maker that get results right away and always thinks of his clients’ best interests when putting out his final information. He pays great attention to detail when deciding to play the next games by looking for the slightest of errors in player behavior to make his final decision.

His current records for the 2015 season are all above 50% and have shown in the past to be very effective at making a great return for himself and those who chose to take his advice. He wishes to provide all those that sign on with him the same value and respect that he puts into his own personal bets and does not come up short when you need go information. Currently his Top NCAA-F sides are at a 64% win ratio with most of his other sports picks falling not far behind. If you want a handicapper who knows the games like the back of his hand and is smart enough to bring together info better than anyone else, than he is your man for the job.