Ben Burns

Ben Burns has been handicapping since he was 11 years old – well not professionally, but he was mentioned in a sports magazine for his accurate predictions. He has made his picks available to the public in 1998 and since then he had earned dozens of Top 3 finishes in basketball, baseball, hockey, and football. He is the #1 NFL Handicapper of all time at Big Guy Sports, where he spent a decade of his career.

Ben Burns Rating Scale

Ben Burns went into the week with a 2-0 start on Monday, unfortunately on Tuesday he has a disappointing 1-3 result. However, this isn’t normal for Burns, his winning days definitely outweigh his off days.

Burns is now 114-79 ($18,542) for L6 weeks in all sports but that’s just the beginning of the 2013-year. Each year Burns has an incredible finish and he is expecting the same great results for 2013. He has a staggering 757-567 ($52,684) over L11 months.

Ben Burns Technique

Burn doesn’t use any specific method for his handicapping, he combines technique, fundamental, and situational techniques to retrieve and analyze all of his acquired data. He uses a 5-10* rating system, he uses titles to clearly indicate how strong his picks are, such as:

· Complimentary Play – These are opinions, which didn’t make the grade as premium plays. They are not part of the overall program and are not counted in any records.

· Regular play (no title) – Can be favorites, underdogs, and/or totals.

· Annihilator – Side that has potential to “annihilate” the pointspread.

· Personal Favorite – Strongest favorite (or pick’em game) in the sport that day.

· Best-Bet – Strongest underdog in in the sporting event for that day occasionally can be a total.

Be a savvy investor and trust Ben Burns with your sports betting.