All-time Best NFL Team

Despite the fact that there are many National Football League teams which are very popular, and several states and cities wherein the lovers are particularly fervent, it is difficult to say that there might be any team with a more… Continue Reading

Handicapping Strategies for NFL

Handicapping in football is the skill of alteration and being dynamic about it. Football handicapping is not for the faint of heart and yet folks may get extremely obstinate about one specific strategy that appears to work. Again and again… Continue Reading

Top NFL Handicappers

MLB – Click Package to Purchase R&R Totals R&R Totals TOP MLB Over-Under Sunday *511-390 Run*! $30.00 Info Plays Info Play on Braves/Mets! MLB Top 10 in 2015 $24.99 Stephen Nover Stephen Nover’s MLB Sunday Night Game of the Month… Continue Reading